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Set up in 1997, Takshila Educational Society (TES) is driven by the vision of an India whose children are educated, environmentally conscious and in full readiness to become future leaders. To ensure that this vision becomes a reality, Takshila has already established four spectacularly successful schools. More such world-class schools are being established in the near future.

TES functions from its nucleus headquarters, called the ‘Knowledge Centre’, in Delhi. Manned by an able team of academic consultants, technology wizards, design and content developers as well as eminent thinkers, the team delivers to the various Takshila branches situated at different locations.

Quality control, scientific management and the infusion of the latest technological advancements to the knowledge industry, is the TES educational mantra. This philosophy is manifested in the satisfactory dividends our schools have yielded in terms of academic, co-curricular and financial performance.

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Takshila Educational Society, formed in 1997, in collaboration with Delhi Public Schools Society established its first Delhi Public School at Patna in 1998, followed by Delhi Public Schools at Pune in 2003, at Ludhiana in 2004, and at Coimbatore in 2012. All are a name to reckon with, a landmark in every sense of the word, and an epitome of good education and discipline. Delhi Public Schools Society is one of the largest chains of K-12 schools in the world with over 175 schools in India and foreign shores. The four K-12 schools of Takshila Educational Society (TES), have a combined student strength of over 11000 and a faculty of nearly 400. The overwhelming response to its institutions from the citizens and students has encouraged TES to reach for greater heights. TES completed a full circle, with schools in India’s East, West, North and South.

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