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Parivartan is an integrated rural community development initiative by Takshila Educational Society. It is a social organization that aims to provide an enabling environment for children, youth, women, farmers and artisans from nearby villages. Functional from October 2011, Parivartan has been working from its beautiful campus at Narendrapur village (Siwan, Bihar) in 36 nearby villages on various issues that include early childhood development, education, livelihood, farming practices, social and economic empowerment of women, music and theatre revival, community sports as well as weaving craft revival.

Parivartan carves a different approach in the rural development space as it emphasizes on bringing the best practices through collaboration with other social organizations, while attempting to bring out synergy across various areas of work. Parivartan believes in rural development that is holistic as well as heuristic. Consequently, it works across various domains based on the needs of the communities and engages with the entire ecosystem to bring about sustained change. Moreover, Parivartan has collaborated with various organizations like Pratham PACE, Jyoti Mahila Samakhya, Magic Bus India Foundation, SPIC MACAY and Srijani Foundation to work on issues of development in an integrative manner. Such alliances are aimed towards bringing about transformational development in the communities by leveraging the expertise and experience of its partners.

Building upon local resources, rural values and synergetic effects of multiple activities across diverse areas of work, Parivartan focuses on addressing the needs of its communities. This not only allows Parivartan to work towards expansion of freedoms and enhancement of capabilities of its people, but also provides an aggregate platform, to garner a nuanced understanding of the ideas and processes of development.

Here are various initiatives at Parivartan


For more details, please visit - http://parivartanbihar.org/


An initiative of Takshila Educational Society, Arthshila is an immersive platform for creating and sharing ideas centred around the arts with spaces designed to facilitate artistic expression and curate creative experiences. Our focus is on architecture, cinema, design, literature, performing arts & visual arts across four unique locations—Ahmedabad, Santiniketan, Patna & New Delhi. The Arthshila centres offer regular quality curation of performances, seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and interactions that seek to inspire curious minds.


Our vision is to unite the arts with its people through enabling environments designed to facilitate both artistic expression and creative experience and the dialogues in-between.

Arthshila, Delhi

A Centre dedicated to acquisition, conservation and exhibition of Indian artworks, especially across visual art mediums encompassing paintings, photography and sculptures. 􀆝e Centre seeks to build a culture of art appreciation, accessible to everyone. It will host Takshilaʼs Art Collection uniquely curated for different exhibitions and experiences. This is collection is a stimulating mix of genres and artists manifesting an immense history, rich with heritage and tradition and those which influence contemporary expressions.

Arthshila, Santiniketan

With a strong focus on Visual Arts, it is a space designed to facilitate dialogues on the nuances and expressions of arts. From sculptures, paintings, photography and more, this centre will enable and facilitate studentcommunities with a space to experiment with the arts and curate contemporary learning environments through workshops, seminars and exhibitions. For the community of travellers, it intends to be an arts destination replete with the serenity that they seek, immersing visitors in its space with curated weekend programmes and collections of artworks, books and more.

For more details, please visit - https://www.arthshila.org/santiniketan/

Arthshila, Ahmedabad

The centre focuses on Architecture and Design, with an intimate interest in Visual-Culture. Stationed as a knowledge hub that creates access to multiple resources, the centre will host a collection of books, films, digital media and educational content in the many fields of design and expression. It intends to engage different audiences through exhibitions, seminars, conferences, interactive dialogues, workshops, and more. The different spaces of the centre seek to invite inquisitive minds to participate in the curated programmes as well as the space itself.

For more details, please visit - https://www.arthshila.org/ahmedabad/

Ektara, Bopal

Headquartered at Bhopal, Ektara aims to work three dimensionally in the field of Children's literature by:

1. Creating a corpus of children's literature

2. Preserving/conserving/protecting children's literature

3. Endeavouring to create spaces, for a consistent discourse on children's literature

Chakmak and Pluto are the two children's magazines which are aiming to build a corpus of children's literature. The magazine Chakmak targets the audience of children between the age group of 10 to 14 years. It is published by the organization Eklavya. Iktara is developing it presently. The magazine Pluto targets the audience of children between the age group of 5 to 9 years.

Numerous writers' workshops are proposed to create literature for children/by children.

2 Creative chairs (Srijan Peeth) have been instituted with prominent writers to specially build a corpus of children's literature.

To preserve/ conserve / protect children's literature, efforts would be made to select quality writings produced during the course of proposed workshops and ensure their publication. Enriching translations of the best literature available, world-wide and the country is also proposed.

In order to ensure a continued discourse, there is a proposal to document the debates / dialogues / interactions held in Srijan Peeth workshops and others. There will also be an attempt to preserve and incorporate relevant matter derived out of interactions with NCERT and others. A continuous interaction with young writers on children's issues is also an important agenda.

We propose to create a course for children's writings. The idea behind this is to ingrain a basic understanding of literature appreciation, writing and language skills. To learn these basics under renowned literary craftsmen and to write and rework on their invaluable feedback would be a largely inspiring effort. We wish to cultivate this as an act of love for children's literature. 25 young writers will be commissioned for this project every year.

For more information, please visit www.ektaraindia.in

Arthshila, Goa

Takshila Centre for Learning is a new age ‘Thinkering’ space located in Goa. Housed in arefurbished and reimagined century-old Goan bungalow, it serves as a workshop, studio and laboratory where learner-centred hands-on programmes are conducted for students of all ages. An ideation retreat, a creative thinking space and a centre for critical design all rolled into one, this eclectic centre offers opportunities for thinking and reflecting, for making and remaking, and for reimagining.

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Takshila Educational Society, formed in 1997, in collaboration with Delhi Public Schools Society established its first Delhi Public School at Patna in 1998, followed by Delhi Public Schools at Pune in 2003, at Ludhiana in 2004, and at Coimbatore in 2012. All are a name to reckon with, a landmark in every sense of the word, and an epitome of good education and discipline. Delhi Public Schools Society is one of the largest chains of K-12 schools in the world with over 175 schools in India and foreign shores. The four K-12 schools of Takshila Educational Society (TES), have a combined student strength of over 11000 and a faculty of nearly 400. The overwhelming response to its institutions from the citizens and students has encouraged TES to reach for greater heights. TES completed a full circle, with schools in India’s East, West, North and South.

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